Box of UMC .44-40 hollow point bullets



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Frankford Arsenal Model 1883 reloading set for 445 Colt, .45-55 Carbine and .45-70 Rifle  (View)


Hornady .300 Weatherby draw set


Military can of VC 45 headstamped .30-06 on a fabric machine gun belt (View)


Boxed set of .32 S&W reloading tools made by or for Smith & Wesson (View)


Box of military .303 cartridges converted to soft points by National Cartridge Co, Canada (View)

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Cartridge Collecting:

 IAA - International Ammunition Association - Lots of information on a variety of topics, and a  very active question and answer forum.
 SAAACA - South African Arms & Ammunition Collectors Assoc  
- This is the link to the Gauteng Chapter; a link to other chapters is on the web site.

Curtis Steinauer's Web Page - Lots of useful information here, including an alphabetical listing of hundreds of  headstamps.


Gun Collecting:

 U.S. Springfield Trapdoor Rifle Information Center - Great source for information on the many  models and modifications of this venerable old rifle; lots of pictures and a discussion board.



Books and related:

Armory Publications - George Hoyem's web site; a source for high quality, informative books for cartridge collectors.  His four  volumes of History and Development of Small Arms Ammunition  are a must for any serious cartridge collector.
WCF Publications
- Cartridge collectors in general, and especially the WRA Co collectors, will find Dan Shuey's two fact filled volumes of  W.R.A. Co. HEADSTAMPED CARTRIDGES AND THEIR VARIATIONS to be regularly used additions to their reference libraries.   

A new offering from WCF Publications, WINCHESTER Cartridge Boxes, A Gun Collectors' Guide 1856 - 1956  by Ray  Giles & Dan Shuey will be available in the fall of 2006. Visit the WCF Publications web site for information.


Auction Sites:

Auction Arms - Auction Arms is a good site for buying and selling collectible live ammunition, both singles and boxes. Unfortunately, you have to sort through a lot of items to find anything really good, and many of the listed items have starting bids or reserves that are much higher than they are really worth.
Gun Broker -
Like Auction Arms, Gun Broker is a good site for buying and selling collectible live ammunition if you are patient and have a lot of time to sort through the listings.

E-bay - While the oldest and most popular  general auction site on the internet, E-bay has an anti-gun philosophy. They prohibit guns and live ammunition from being auctioned, but it is still a good site for some really great empty cartridge boxes. The occasional full box still slips by the notice of their auction police.
Ward's Collectibles -
The best Sporting Collectibles auction site that I'm aware of at this time, and getting better with every auction.
Sold USA
- Originally the premier 'Sporting Collectibles' auction site under the name of Dixie Sporting Collectibles, Sold USA has been through a number of changes in managment and direction (including an unfortunate venture into NASCAR collectibles), and apparently is making an effort to regain the leadership role it once had in this area.




Virginia Civil War Relics - Plez Bagby's relic web site; specializes in buckles and cartridge box plates, but also includes a wide array of other Civil War items for sale, with pictures and descriptions.



Boxes of .50-70 bar-primed cartridges from 1867 dated packing crate (View)