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 I am retired and occasionally spend some of the warmer months away from home. If you are sending an order by regular (US Postal) mail, please email me at prior to mailing your order to ensure you send it to the correct address. Thanks.

Shotgun shell collection for sale

I am selling a collection of approximately 577 shotgun shells, consisting of headstamp and load variations. There are approximately 250 headstamp variations, mostly American, but also a large number of British shells plus a mix from other countries. Most are paper, buth there  are also quite a few brass shells, some all plastic, and a small number of regular plastic shells. These are packed in bags of ten, and all fit in a  WWII wood submarine signal crate that is addressed to the Washington Naval Yard. A listing of all of the shells follows; I have included conservative (in most cases) estimates of collector value for each, most of which were obtained from the current IAA Collector Cartridge Prices shotgun shell listings. Additional information (length, primer type, etc) is available upon request. Contact me at the following email address and I will email an Excel spreadsheet to you.: